Tiborcz & Zebegnyei Associated Lawyers (TZL) are a Budapest based, full-service, international boutique practice with particular strengths and specialist capabilities in a number of legal sectors.

TZL’s combination of experience, resourcefulness, professionalism and an unrelenting intention to pursue excellence deliver seamless and high-quality legal services. The partners at TZL have served previously in some of the leading law firms of Hungary and China.

TZL maintains a well-established international circle of friendly professionals around the globe. As the European partner of the Shanghai based ChinainlawPartners Law Firm (www.chinainlaw.com), TZL grants access to professional solutions in China and has strong and continuous connections with law firms in most European, Asian and South American countries within its network. TZL is also affiliated with Inventus Law (inventuslaw.com), a California based global technology law firm that represents high growth startup companies, investors, incubators and other relevant stakeholders.

Social Distancing Challenges

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In order to help our clients facing the new challenges the world is facing currently, we have set up our practice to accommodate the special needs of our clients away from their assets in Hungary. Our firm is fully capable of providing long-term representation for businesses controlled from abroad. We have already been entrusted by foreign shareholders of Hungarian companies and owners of other assets to keep their assets safe and sound. In addition, we provide representation for concluding most types of contract-based deals, purchasing or selling assets and managing all situations.


dr. Attila TIBORCZ 

partner, attorney-at-law

Attila handles international and online commerce, start-ups, corporate law, real estate, consumer protection, labor law, intellectual property and creative industry-related issues for international clientele. He has solid experience in the strategic planning and execution of running small and medium-sized businesses in Hungary, offering a legal and business perspective as well as in-depth knowledge of the Central-Eastern European business environment. He contributed to the establishment and development of the first Chinese-European law firm now having offices in 30+ cities in China, in the US, Europe and South America.
He is a graduate of Law and Political Sciences, Economics. He attended the Robert Schumann Institute for Higher European Studies in France, studied in the United States and delivered lectures on European Law, labor law and European business environment.
Attila believes that clients need a wide range of services from a trustworthy and thoroughly professional who understands both the business he assists and the person behind it.


partner, attorney-at-law

Adam is an international business lawyer, who gained his professional experience of 10+ years in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters. This was accomplished predominantly through working with foreign clients doing business in Hungary. He always relished the opportunity to represent SMEs and individuals in various cases from real estate projects through international trade to employment matters. Having worked in Shanghai, at one of the largest law firms of Asia, he prides himself on his frequent cooperation with clients of Chinese background. Adam takes special interest in innovation protection, new technologies and the business environment surrounding them.

dr. Viktória SCHVARCZ

junior associate

Viktória graduated in law from Eötvös Loránd University in 2016. During her university years she had various workplaces related to sports law and worked as a trainee lawyer at a multinational publishing company, gaining key experience in corporate law, media law and commercial matters. Through her years as a junior legal counsel at a legal insurance company, and later as a junior lawyer at an international law firm, she deepened her knowledge in the areas of media & advertising law, corporate matters, data protection, labor law and other fields of civil law. In 2019, she finished her postgraduate studies of company and business law at Pázmány Péter Catholic University.


junior associate

Anna has been working in law offices for years. After she graduated from the University of Szeged in 2014, she started to work as a trainee lawyer. She gathered her various professional experiences in the fields of corporate, labor, real estate and family law from acknowledged law firms from Budapest to Szolnok. She is devoted to her job and her work is quick, professional and reliable. Away from work, Anna lives a healthy and well-balanced life with her husband and their two children.

dr. Zsuzsanna SZŐNYI

junior associate

Zsuzsanna is a trainee lawyer. She received her law degree from Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law in 2018 and also received a degree in judicial administration management in 2011. Furthermore, she worked during her academic years at various respected international law firms as an intern, and also worked in the legal department of a bank. After graduation she is continuing LLM studies specializing in International and European Union law in English. By working in corporate, commercial, intellectual property law and enforcement, she has gained experience in economic law.

dr. Csaba KORSÓS


Csaba has been a team member in our Szolnok partner office as a lawyer for nearly a decade. Csaba is a professional litigator focusing on penal and family law. He is highly regarded for his academic endeavors and razor-sharp reasoning in the court room. In addition, Csaba has substantial experience in assisting the day-to-day operations of several small and mid-sized companies. He is an enthusiastic traveller and connoisseur of fine foods.

dr. Anikó PÁSZTOR


Anikó is a trainee lawyer in our Szolnok partner office. She is assisting us in preparation of complex cases and has strong investigative skills when it comes to caselaw. Anikó is confident, punctual and, besides corporate and labor law, she is an expert in enforcement procedures. She runs her own self-sufficient private farm with her husband.

Adrienn TÓTH


As the senior office manager, Adrienn is in charge of our offices. She is our most important colleague. Without her, we would be lost in the midst of complex procedures of filing in our work with the authorities. Her administrative and secretarial dexterities are second to none. When she’s not busy making sure that everything runs smoothly in the work environment, she enjoys punchy metal tunes.

dr. Attila TIBORCZ


Attila is the managing partner of our Szolnok partner office. He has decades of experience in several branches of law, including, but not limited to corporate-, real estate-, business-, labor- and family law. He is a highly regarded lawyer in the field of economic criminal law.


MA / Corporate

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  • Setting up companies in several jurisdictions through our network of professionals (USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovakia, etc.)
  • Hungarian-Singaporean joint venture formation in Hungary
  • Handling mergers and acquisitions of a German-Swiss-Hungarian technology company group
  • Assistance in the daily and strategical matters of one of Hungary’s most popular online shopping websites
  • We have been entrusted by one of the region’s most sought after IT and computer gaming company and thinktank

International commerce

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  • Sale of utility vehicles in a value of EUR 200 million to Africa by a Hungarian manufacturer
  • Legal assistance to international trade of pharmaceutical products, drafting of supply agreements
  • Full-scale legal advisory to an international firearm and military product distributor
  • Assisting car manufacturer subcontractors in the pre-contract negotiations and advising on compliance related issues
  • Providing legal services for a USA based grain producer and trader multinational company while present in the region

Innovation & Technology

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#distribution #exploitation
  • Legal and compliance advisory for a UK-based crypto-asset service provider
  • Legal support to research and development of UAV devices for agricultural, search & rescue and commercial purposes
  • Management of legal matter related to the distribution and operation of integrated counter-UAV systems for sites of strategic importance
  • Assisting the investment rounds and daily management of one of Hungary’s top 10 digital start-ups
  • Providing legal advisory services to a multinational waste management company

Start-ups / incubation

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  • Seed, second and third round of start-up investment of EUR 1,5 million social media monitoring start-up
  • Full-scale legal assistance to 30+ start-ups in various industries, including healthcare, consumer technology, automotive industry, social media
  • Audit of Chinese supplier, development and OEM agreement for a smart medical device designer
  • Various consultancy services for start-ups from other Central and Eastern European countries

Legal services for expats

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  • 250+ successful residence permit applications for various professional and private purposes
  • Successful recovery of EUR 150,000 for a Greek steel manufacturer
  • Legal assistance in obtaining Traditional Chinese Medicine practice license in Hungary for foreign physicians
  • Legal assistance to wealth management for foreign individuals concerning their various assets in Hungary
  • Legal work related to international schemes for personal income repatriation

Creative & Arts

#copyright #saleofartwork #advertisements #agencyworks #artmajeur
  • Full-scale agency services for a leading animation artist
  • Consulting services for one of Hungary’s most sought-after sculpters
  • License agreements, agency agreements for popular Hungarian music bands
  • Assisting foreign based movie production companies
  • Legal advisory for a French-Hungarian and a UK-Hungarian in-store marketing and POS display production company
  • Full-scale legal services for leading 360-degree creative and media agencies

Real estate & Construction

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  • Legal assistance and on the spot problem-solving of legal problems related to the construction of one of Moscow’s largest stadiums, the Qatar subway system, several other Danish-, Turkmen- and Norwegian construction projects
  • International dispute resolution in the value of EUR 1 million related to a design & build contract
  • Acquisition and development of real estate properties for a complex medical tourism project in Western-Hungary
  • Full-scale legal counselling to a German-Hungarian real estate investment and development joint venture


#WFOE #jointventures #repatriationoffunds #businessintelligence #IP #apostille
  • Assisting companies from multiple jurisdictions as foreign legal advisors in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Complete JV negotiations and contracting for high-value machinery production in China
  • Manufacturing and sales contract of electric vehicles with a Chinese supplier
  • Trademark management and litigation for a listed Swiss multinational industrial manufacturing company
  • Representing a high number of SMEs and individuals of Chinese background in Hungary related to setting up local businesses, providing 360-degree market entry legal assistance


#insurance #CMR #litigation
  • CMR and other transportation law litigation as legal representatives of mostly foreign entities (e.g. from the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea, France)
  • Legal advisory to local freight companies and carriers related to company law, labour law, workout and liquidation matters
  • Legal advisory related to vehicle leasing agreements
  • Legal support to claim management of carrier companies, administration and running of insolvency procedures, lawsuits and enforcement procedures

Countries we have dealt with

China Hong Kong Singapore South Korea United States United Kingdom

The Netherlands Switzerland France Germany Austria Czech Republic Denmark Norway Finland

Greece Turkey Poland Slovakia Qatar Russia Belgium


Our clients may download sample contracts, agreements and other legal documents from the client portal and review all the documents we have drafted during our cooperation in the past.


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